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Girl Empowerment

I was a Girl Scout for one year when I was an adolescent. I loved it. I wish I had the opportunity to join earlier in my life and continue on. When three of my daughters started Kindergarten, I signed them up. They loved it at first, but looking back now I forced them to stay past their enjoyment point. This is why I did not sign up my youngest daughter until she asked. I honestly never expected her to ask because Girl Scouts had stopped being the thing to do.

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Creating An Environment For Appreciating Employees

Sure there are many ways to show appreciation to your employees, but at the end of the day, a strong foundation is needed for employees to feel appreciated. We all need clear guidance and a common understanding of how we work with each other and for our customers.

If this foundation is established – a plethora of additional ways of showing employee appreciation is the icing on the cake.

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How Mentoring Impacted Me

Why I am Passionate about Mentoring

Beginning with my first duty assignment as an Army Second Lieutenant, to my time in the Private Sector as an Executive Leader, and today as a Start-up Co-founder the process of mentoring has been key to my success as a leader. I have had five distinct mentors over the years and each has contributed to my leadership vertical development.

Mentoring vs. Coaching

The terms mentoring and coaching are often construed to mean the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. A simple way to understand the difference between mentoring and coaching is: A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers to your questions (Figure 1). Each of my mentors 1) possessed a great deal of knowledge and business unit know-how, 2) provided me advice and guidance, and 3) shared their experiences with me.  Continue reading

Right Fit Mentoring

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” -Steven Spielberg

When I first started dabbling in finding a mentor, I tried finding people who I aspired to be like or were in careers in which I was interested in.  At first, everything seemed great but often I would pause and find myself saying “but that’s not me” or “I don’t want the same things”. I gave up on mentorship for a while and determined that mentoring just wasn’t for me, nor worth my time.  

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There Is Value In Mentorship

I did not have a mentor until about six years ago. This probably sounds insane to some, especially if I mention that I was in the military for 11 years, separating almost 12 years ago. 

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Mentor <> Mentee Relationship; Becoming stronger in life’s journey

Christina (Purepost Marketing Manager) and I were discussing mentoring a few weeks ago and something struck me. Since I’ve been mentoring Veteran entrepreneurs over the past few years – I mentor out of selfishness.

What I mean by this is if I’m going to devote an hour phone call or coffee every month or two – I need to:

  1. Know they will take some of my advice and apply it to make themselves better either professionally or personally
  2. Become a better person from my relationship with the mentee

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Compliments and Leadership

After six years of service, I thought I was a “dirt-bag Airman.” I could not wait to separate from the Air Force. That was until I had a supervisor that focused on the positive in me. He realized I had some challenges when it came to my career field, but realized the unique asset I could be if someone provided a little encouragement and accepted me as outside the norm.

For the two years that I worked for him, directly and indirectly, I grew exponentially as a person, Airman, and parent. I improved processes for six offices, cleared out waiting rooms when asked, and started learning the beauty of networking.

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