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Books about Badass Women in WWII History

When it comes to picking books to read or put on my Want to Read list, I always gravitate towards historical fiction and historical non-fiction. This strikes me as strange since I absolutely loathed history as a student.

Lately, I have been driven to read about World War II and the badass women who played a role during this era; all because of a book club I attended. I fell head over heels for these heroines and found myself finishing the book, always wanting to read more.

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In-Spite Of

I have always loved history!

Even more so, I have loved the history of African-Americans or what is often called “Black History.” When I decided to write a post in honor of Black History Month, I asked myself “why was I so drawn to African-American history?”

After some thought, I realized it is because these special individuals made decisions “in-spite of” slavery, oppression, hatred, and fear. Continue reading

Proof That Your Service is Valued In the Workforce

We spend a lot of time talking about connecting and explaining military experience and credentials in ways the civilian world understands. It’s our passion and vision at Purepost. It’s who we are and what we do best. But, it’s important not to miss the amazing rise of veteran awareness, outreach, and connectivity outside of the military community. People are listening. Companies are creating initiatives to hire and place qualified veterans. Communities are rallying together to support the veteran population across the board.

If you are uncertain as to where and how your service and skills are being valued and doubt the workforce is aware of your transition as a veteran into the civilian community, here are 3 ways we see it happening as we work with corporate America in placing veterans into civilian positions. Continue reading

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